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Broadway & 49th Street

Times Square: CMJ – Broadway & 49th Street

This multi-panel spectacular is located in the heart of Times Square, facing Times Square and Theater District pedestrian and vehicular traffic as well as the masses of professionals who work in the area. This unit is surrounded by some of Manhattan’s largest hotels, shopping, nightlife and dining destinations and provides an unmatched domination of one of the most heavily trafficked blocks of New York.


  • Size = 25’h x 30’w, 32’h x 30’w, 33’h x 120’w
  • Weekly Impressions = 2,158,230
  • Material = Vinyl
  • Latitude = 40.76060º N
  • Longitude = -73.98433º W
  • Illuminated = Yes
  • Facing = North & West

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