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Bryant Street @ I-80 7th Street Off-ramp

SoMa: CO9 – Bryant Street @ I-80 7th Street Off-ramp

This roof-top bulletin is located in SoMa and has a long, straight-on read to all traf c coming off the I-80 7th Street off-ramp, one of only two downtown exits before the Bay Bridge ap- proach. This area is thriving, with some of the best nightlife and dining destinations in the city frequented by the young, af uent demographic that live and work in the area. The Embar- cadero Center and AT&T Park are less than two miles down the street.


  • Size = 14′h x 48′w
  • Weekly Impressions = 166,441
  • Material = Vinyl
  • Latitude = 37.774504º N
  • Longitude = -122.404293º W
  • Illuminated = Yes
  • Facing = North

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